Agricultural Science Extension Lab Station

Product Code: EB-6337


The Agricultural Science Extension Lab Station includes two wireless sensors and the EcoZone system, which complement the set of sensors found in the Agricultural Science Starter Lab Station (EB-6337). Together, the sensors from the Agricultural Science Starter and Extension Lab Stations comprise the equipment needed to perform all of the lab investigations inside PASCO’s Agricultural Science lab manual. A storage slot for each sensor in the Agricultural Science Extension Lab Station is available in the Gratnells storage tray that comes with the Agricultural Science Starter Lab Station.

Components of the Extension Lab Station

Wireless Sensors: PASCO’s rugged, low-cost wireless sensors connect directly to computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile devices to allow students to quickly collect data, leaving more time for analyzing and interpreting data. This lab station includes:

  • 1x Wireless Weather Sensor (PS-3209) and weather vane (PS-3553)
  • 1x Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (PS-3224)
  • EcoZone System (ME-6668)

Digital Access to Lab Activities: Included with the starter lab station is digital access to:

PASCO’s Agricultural Science manual. This lab manual includes 13 labs that investigate soil and water quality, water treatment, plant’s cellular processes of diffusion, respiration and photosynthesis, modeling an ecosystem for optimal growth, studying air’s greenhouse gasses, determine the energy content stored in foods. Each lab activity includes editable student handouts and various teacher resources including answer keys and sample data.

Distance Learning Resources: The 10 labs found in the Printed Samples Booklet also include digital resources to support distance learning for students working at home. These resources include live video recordings of data collection and sample data files that students can use to perform their own analyses.

What’s Included

1x Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS (PS-3209)
1x Weather Vane Accessory (PS-3553)
1x Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (PS-3224)
1x EcoZone System (ME-6668)

Lab Activities

The Agricultural Science Printed Samples Booklet includes 10 lab activities that integrate PASCO sensors and equipment for an engaging year of agricultural science. The full set of lessons are accessible via a user login.

*Part of the 10 printed sample student handouts inside the Agricultural Science Starter Labs.

Lab Title Starter Lab Station (EB-6334) Extension Lab Station (EB-6335)
1 Determining soil quality
2  Water treatment
3 Freshwater quality monitoring

4 Respiration of germinating seeds
5 Plant pigments & photosynthesis
6 Plant respiration & photosynthesis
7 Modeling an ecosystem

8 Greenhouse gases

9 Energy content of food
10 Diffusion

Blockly Investigations and ActivitiesThese investigations and activities integrate Blocky coding and the Blocky coding environment embedded within PASCO’s Capstone and SPARKvue software.


  • Included storage tray and custom insert provide a simple and secure storage solution
  • Portable and easy to transport and store
  • Record data wireless without the hassle of tangled cables
  • Includes digital access to a wide range of lab activities
  • Includes video and other lab resources for at-home and distance learning lab activities

Support Documents

Ecozone System ME-6668

Wireless ODO Sensor Reference Guide

Wireless Weather Accessories Instruction Sheet

Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS Reference Guide