Essential Chemistry Advanced Kit

Product Code: EC-6361


The Essential Chemistry Standard Equipment Kit is designed to support the labs in the Essential Chemistry Curriculum. The curriculum has a total of 72 activities, 47 of which require the PASCO probeware and equipment included in this kit. The remaining 25 labs use lab equipment, glassware, and chemicals traditionally found in chemistry labs. The labs activities range from chemical formulas and specific heat to electrolytes and the titration of an unknown acid. The addition sensors in the Standard Sensor Set allow support lab activities for Gas laws, Colored Solutions and electrochemistry.

This kit will outfit a single chemistry lab station of 2-5 students. When used in conjunction with the Essential Chemistry program, including the eBook and lab manual, it creates a complete solution for teaching high school chemistry.

It can also be used to supplement your existing textbook, serving as the lab component of your curriculum.  This use is supported by the over 70 standards-based Essential Chemistry labs that are available for free download in the PASCO Digital Library.


  • Wireless Temperature Sensor (PS-3201)
  • Wireless pH Sensor (PS-3204)
  • Wireless Conductivity Sensor (PS-3210)
  • Wireless Pressure Sensor (PS-3203)
  • Wireless Voltage Sensor (PS-3211)
  • Wireless Colorimeter And Turbidity Sensor (PS-3215)
  • Molecular Model Kit (PS-3400)
  • Electrode Support (PS-3505)
  • Condenser (PS-3402)
  • Periodic Trends Cards (EC-3405)
  • Spectrum Cards (EC-3403)
  • Periodic Table (EC-3404)
  • Storage Case (2)