Wireless AC/DC Module

Product Code: EM-3533


The Wireless AC/DC Module is a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless signal generator designed for use with PASCO’s Modular Circuits. The AC/DC Module can act as a DC power supply, as well as generate Sine, Triangle, and Square AC signals. A built in rechargeable battery provides long lasting power for your basic circuits, and is rechargeable using the included USB cable. An internal voltage sensor monitors the output voltage at all times. The Wireless AC/DC Module is controllable in either PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue software. This latest circuit module expands the number and type of experiments you can perform with Modular Circuits including Ohm’s Law, RC Circuit Time Constant, and LRC labs.

Programmable using Blockly programming in PASCO Capstone 2 software.


Properties of Diodes

Students investigate the properties of a diode with current and voltage sensors. They use their observations to describe the behavior of a diode.

Ohm’s Law

Students measure the current and voltage across a resistor while varying the output voltage. A graph of voltage vs current will reveal Ohm’s Law.


  • Compatible with Modular Circuits
  • ±3V Output
  • DC, Sine, Triangle, Square
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Controllable with PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue Software

What’s Included

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