Field Coil (200 Turn)

Product Code: EM-6711A


A 200 turn wire coil on a bobbin that has a base with three terminals that accommodate banana plug contacts for measuring current or voltage. It can be mounted on a Helmholtz base.

PASCO’s Coils were developed for Workshop Physics® activities.

PASCO’s Field Coil, when used with one of PASCO’s Detector Coils, offers excellent demonstrations in electromagnetic induction. Use to verify all aspects of Faraday’s Law, including the relationship between the strength of the induced electromotive force and the angle between the field coil’s magnetic field and the detector coil.

Qualitative Demonstration: With the EM-6714 Bi-color LED Indicator and the EM-8641 Variable Gap Magnet, students can see when a current is induced in the detector coil. With the LED indicator plugged into a detector coil, the LED flashes red or green as the detector coil passes through the magnet. The LED indicates which direction the current flows through the detector coil.

Quantitative Demonstration: PASCO’s coils can be used with a function generator and an oscilloscope, or connected to the ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface.

Supporting Documents

200-Turn Field Coil Manual English 108.54 KB