Magnetic Force Accessory

Product Code: EM-8642A


This is an accessory for PASCO’s Variable Gap Magnet. It includes three induction paddles, a current swing, a mounting rod (a standard lab stand is required) and two small rods (glass and aluminum). The paddles illustrate the production of eddy currents and the rods distinguish between paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

You can purchase both the Variable Gap Magnet  and the Magnetic Force Accessory  as the Magnetic Demonstration System.

What’s Included

  • 1x Three aluminum paddles (solid, slotted, closed slotted)
  • 1x Glass rod
  • 1x Aluminum rod
  • 1x Wire swing
  • 1x Special mounting rod

Required Accessories

1x Variable Gap Magnet  EM-8618

1x Base and Support Rod  ME-9355

1x Power Supply (18 VDC, 5 A)  SE-9720A

Supporting Documents

Magnetic Demonstration System Manual English 1.24 MB