Essential Physics Simple Machines Engineering Kit

Product Code: EP-3577


Our Simple Machines Engineering Kit engages students in a wide range of physics, physical science, and engineering concepts. Two triple-pulley blocks make it easy to build machines with mechanical advantage up to 6:1. Build all three classes of levers with our pair of 20-cm levers, or combine gears, levers, and pulleys together to show how rotating machines work.

What’s Included

  • 2x 10 N Metal Spring Scales
  • 2x Tripod Stands & Crossrail
  • 2x Universal Spring Hanger
  • 2x Right-angle Connector with Pulley
  • 1x Fixed Triple Pulley Block
  • 1x Hanging Triple Pulley Block
  • 1x Friction Block
  • 4x Quick-attach Gear Hubs
  • 12x Gear Spacers
  • 2x 20 cm Levers
  • 2x 60 Tooth Spur Gears
  • 2x 40 Tooth Spur Gears
  • 3x 20 Tooth Spur Gears
  • 2x 20 cm-diam. Large Pulleys
  • 1x Weights
  • 1x String
  • 1x Gratnells® Storage Tray

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