Charge, Equipotential and Field Mapper

Product Code: ES-9060


The Charge, Equipotential, and Field Mapper is an excellent addition to the Basic Electrostatics System.

Draw any set of two-dimensional conductors with the conductive ink. Investigate the electric field and the equipotential field lines between and around the conductive paper to any shape. Charge it and investigate the distribution of charge on its surface.

Similar to the Field Mapper Kit, except it includes electrometer probes, a “point charge” holder, and larger sheets of conductive paper for investigating charge distributions on conductive surfaces.

What’s Included

  • 50x Conductive paper for mapping charge distributions: 30 x 45 cm (50 sheets)
  • 100x Conductive paper with cm grid for mapping equipotential and field gradients: 23 x 30 cm (100 sheets)
  • 1x Pushpins, connecting wire and electrometer probes
  • 1x Conductive ink pen and a circular template for drawing conductors
  • 1x “Point charge” holder
  • 1x Plastic tray with corkboard top: 32 x 48 cm
  • 1x Manual with 13 experiments

Replacement Parts

Special Conductive Ink Pen PK-9031B

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