Electrical Equivalent of Heat

Product Code: EX-5625


A Wireless Current Sensor and a Wireless Voltage Sensor are used to measure the electrical power delivered to the resistor that is heating the water and a Wireless Temperature Sensor is used to measure the increase in temperature of the water.

The amount of electrical energy used to heat the water is equal to the area under the power versus time curve. The amount of heat delivered to the water can be calculated using the increase in temperature and the mass of the water. The comparison of the electrical energy to the heat results in a value for the number of Joules in a calorie.


  • Compare electrical energy input to changes in internal energy

What’s Included

  • 1x Energy Transfer – Calorimeter (ET-8499)
  • 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor (PS-3201)
  • 1x Wireless Voltage Sensor (PS-3211)
  • 1x Wireless Current Sensor (PS-3212)
  • 1x Ohaus Triple-Beam Balance (with Tare) (SE-8707)
  • 1x Student Power Supply (18 VDC, 3 A) (SE-8828)