Ideal Gas Law

Product Code: EX-5627


In this experiment designed for use with PASCO Capstone software, the temperature, volume, and pressure of a gas are measured simultaneously to show that they change according to the Ideal Gas Law. Two special cases of the Ideal Gas Law are also examined: constant volume (Gay-Lussac’s Law) and constant temperature (Boyle’s Law). A syringe is used to vary the volume at constant temperature. A sphere of constant volume is immersed in different temperature water baths to show the change in pressure.

PASCO Advantage: The Ideal Gas Syringe and Absolute Zero Sphere have a thermistor with small mass that responds quickly to temperature changes.


  • Ideal Gas Law
  • Boyle’s Law
  • Gay-Lussac’s Law

What’s Included

  • 1x Ideal Gas Law Apparatus (TD-8596A)
  • 1x Wireless Pressure Sensor (PS-3203)
  • 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor Link (PS-3222)
  • 1x Absolute Zero Sphere (TD-8595)
  • 2x 3-Liter Plastic Tub (2 Pack) (ME-7559)