ezSample Ammonia

Product Code: EZ-2334A


PASCO’s ezSample™ water quality test kits simplify chemical testing of water sources. Avoid the mess and difficulty of handling chemicals directly — and get great results even in the field! This kit contains 30 individual Ammonia test vials.

ezSample Snap Vials: Conduct colorimetric tests in the field and avoid the mess and tedium of mixing chemicals. These ezSample Snap Vials contain a pre-formulated reagent to test a variety of water quality parameters. Your water quality tests are easy as 1-2-3. No more guessing at color variation!


Measurable Range
  • 0.20-3.00 mg/l
Accuracy (with PASPORT Water Quality Colorimeter)
  • ± 10 % error at 2.25 ppm ± 20 % error at 0.75 ppm ± 30 % error at 0.20 ppm
Guaranteed shelf life from ship date
  • 5 Months