Matrix: Mechatronic Systems

Product Code: HP4550V2


Contains products from three ranges of equipment: Locktronics, E-blocks2 and Automatics.

The Mechatronic Systems pack includes a wide variety of resources suitable for studying mechatronics using three types of control system: a PIC microcontroller, a micro PLC and a PC. Students can learn the basics of control using flowcharts before progressing to other languages like C++ or LabView software (C++ and LabView not included).

A wide range of curriculum is included in the packs covering Industrial sense and control, flow chart programming of microcontrollers, Industrial sense and control with C++ or LabView programming and design of pneumatic control systems. Further curriculum options for programming in C or Assembly are available.

Learning objectives:

  • PIC and controller programming using flowcharts
  • Programming options: Embedded C, Assembly, C++ or LabView
  • Mathematical models of sensors
  • Sensors
  • Actuators: relays, stepper motors, DC motors with feedback, servo motors