Matrix: Principles of Lighting Solution

Product Code: LK2285A


This solution (LK2285) allows students to understand the principles of designing lighting systems for domestic and industrial buildings.  The kit consists of a Locktronics base board, a set of high power MES LED bulbs, switch and connectors and a light meter.

Students can arrange the bulbs in varying positions and densities to measure changes in light intensity using the light meter provided.  Students can explore the different effects on light intensity through the angle of lighting, the distance away from the light source, and the density of light sources. A full set of worksheets is available for download.

Further instruments may be required.  Please contact us for information.


Learning Objectives:

  • Lighting system design
  • Units of measurement for light
  • Energy efficiency
  • The effect of distance
  • The effect of angles
  • The effect of reflectors