Matrix: CAN Bus Systems and Operation With Engineering Panel

Product Code: LK2839


This kit (LK2839) allows a fully functioning CAN bus system, mimicking vehicle operation, to be set up using 4 panel-based MIAC Electronics Control Units to represent an Instrument panel, Front ECU, Powertrain control, and Rear ECU. A fifth MIAC is used for system diagnosis, releasing faults and viewing CAN bus messages. Students are tasked with setting up a fully working CAN bus system, inserting faults and using hardware and software tools to understand fault diagnosis procedures and practice. The solution includes component carriers, baseboard, power supplies and storage trays. Curriculum, including experiments and teacher’s notes, is available. The solution also includes an OBDII socket which allows the connection of real diagnostic tools.


  • Make and diagnose a CAN bus system
  • Includes OBD socket
  • Full CAN bus curriculum and teachers notes
  • Includes 5 educational ECU’s
  • Includes power supply
  • Also available as an ANSI kit – order code LK2839A


Learning Objectives:

  • Advantages of CAN
  • ECU action and function
  • CAN message structure
  • Startup routines
  • Wiring in CAN bus systems
  • Intelligent design
  • CAN bus diagnosis
  • Scan tool used in fault diagnosis and release