Matrix: Industrial Sensor, Actuator and Control Applications on Panel

Product Code: LK6499-2A


This solution (LK6499-2) provides an introduction to the role of industrial controllers in engineering. The MIAC unit, shipped with the solution, is compatible with Flowcode and can be used with third party PC based applications like LabView and Visual Basic. DLLs that enable LabView and Visual Basic work are supplied to ensure accessibility. Students learn industrial control by developing programs that solve a series of tasks set for them. Sample applications in Flowcode, Visual Basic work and LabView are all provided to enhance delivery and understanding of the material. Curriculum, including experiments and teacher’s notes, is available from our resources page.

  • A hands-on course in industrial control systems
  • Can be used with Flowcode, LabView or Visual
  • Based on Matrix MIAC controller
  • 34 page workbook
  • ANSI version available – order code: LK6499-2A

This solution includes our Engineering panel with an embedded MIAC controller, 10×7 baseboard, and power supply.


Learning Objectives:

  • Basic output systems
  • Sequenced output systems
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Basic inputs
  • Traffic lights with crossing
  • Conveyor belt
  • Analogue sensing
  • Detecting faults
  • Open-loop control
  • Closed-loop control