Matrix: Advanced Electronic Principle

Product Code: LK6804A


The experiments in this Locktronics solution are designed for advanced students of electronics who wish to develop an understanding of the theory and application of various electronic components and circuits. The studies discussed range from basic diode circuits to feedback and oscillator design.

  • Suitable for unit 35 of the BTEC National in Engineering: Principles and applications of Electronic Devices and circuits
  • Curriculum available on the Locktronics resources page
  • ANSI version available.  Order code: LK6804A



Learning Objectives:

  • Semiconductor devices: diodes, zener diodes, transistors, photodiodes, thyristor, voltage regulator, operational amplifiers.
  • Semiconductor circuits: Full and half-wave rectifiers, transistors as switches and amplifiers
  • Amplifiers: characteristics, power amplifiers (A, B, AB), inverting, non-inverting, tuned, integrator, differentiator, comparator, Schmitt, filters (high pass, low pass, bandpass, notch)
  • Amplifiers with feedback
  • Oscillators: Wien bridge, twin T, RC ladder, LC copuled, crystal