Physics Lab Station Mechanics Starter

Product Code: ME-5300


The Physics Lab Station: Mechanics Starter bundle is a lab-ready solution for performing several key experiments in mechanics. It includes a sensor-loaded Smart Cart, a durable PAStrack, and a variety of accessories that support student studies of core topics such as velocity, conservation of energy, and Newton’s second law.

Real-Time Sensor Measurements

Students can use the Smart Cart’s built-in sensors to make real-time measurements of position, velocity, acceleration, force, and rotation, displaying them as the lab unfolds for more meaningful learning. They can also collect and compare data from multiple trials, easily apply lines of fit, and perform statistical analysis using PASCO software.

Ready-Made Mechanics Labs

This kit is complemented by a collection of ready-made experiments that can be downloaded for free from the Experiment Library. Each lab comes ready-to-use with editable student handouts, teacher answer keys, and helpful teaching tips.

Explore More of Mechanics

Complete your mechanics lab station and perform even more mechanics labs by pairing this station with the Physics Lab Station: Mechanics Extension.

Perform These Experiments

  • Average Speed and Velocity
  • Graphing Motion
  • Speed and Velocity Graphs
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Work and Kinetic Energy
  • Newton’s Second Law
  • Coefficients of Friction
  • Momentum and Impulse
  • Periodic Motion: Mass and Spring

What’s Included

  • 1x Smart Cart (Red) (ME-1240)
  • 1x Smart Cart Rod Stand Adapter (ME-1244)
  • 2x Cart Mass (Set of 2) (ME-6757A)
  • 1x PAStrack (ME-6960)
  • 1x Aluminum Meter Stick
  • 1x Dynamics Track End Stop (Pair) (ME-8971)
  • 1x Small “A” Base (ME-8976)
  • 1x Stainless Steel Rod, 60 cm Threaded (ME-8977)
  • 1x Mass and Hanger Set (ME-8979)
  • 1x IDS Spring Kit (ME-8999)
  • 1x Super Pulley Kit (ME-9433)
  • 1x Angle Indicator (ME-9495A)
  • 1x Multi-Clamp (ME-9507)
  • 1x Friction Block (ME-9807)
  • 1x Track Rod Clamp (ME-9836)
  • 1x Bumper Accessory Set (ME-9884)