Photogate and Pulley System

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The Photogate/Pulley System uses a photogate head to monitor low-friction
pulley rotation, providing a simple, versatile sensor. Calculate and graph
position, velocity, acceleration of carts, masses, etc. The Photogate/Pulley
System can perform all the functions of the discontinued Smart Pulley. Additionally, the
pulley can be removed, and the photogate can be used to perform photogate
experiments. The Photogate/Pulley System can be used with the Smart Timer, ScienceWorshop interfaces, and PASPORT interfaces with the Digital Adapter.


  • Photogate Head with cable
  • Super Pulley with Rod
  • Nylon Mounting thumbscrew (1/4-20x.375)

Typical Applications

  • Study motion at a constant speed
  • Measure a freely falling object
  • Study kinematics on an inclined plane
  • Measure speed of a projectile
  • Measure acceleration of a cart