Photogate and Pulley System

Product Code: ME-6838A


The Super Pulley attaches directly to a Photogate Head, providing a simple, low-friction system to measure position, velocity and acceleration. Additionally, with the pulley removed, the photogate can be used to perform standard photogate experiments. PASPORT Digital Adapter required.


  • Study motion at a constant speed
  • Measure a freely falling object
  • Study kinematics on an inclined plane
  • Measure speed of a projectile
  • Measure acceleration of a cart

What’s Included

  • 1x Photogate Head
  • 1x Super Pulley with Rod

Product Specifications

Pulley Rotational inertia 1.8×10-6 kg m2;
Pulley Coefficient of friction <7×10-3;
Pulley Diameter 5 cm, Mass 5.5 g
Photogate Width 7.5 cm; Fall time < 50 ns;
Photogate Spatial resolution < 1 mm
Timing Resolution 0.1 millisecond
Connector Stereo phone plug