PAScar Blue

Product Code: ME-6934


Because the PAScar’s body and plunger are made of polycarbonate plastic, these carts have a mass of just 250 grams. Each cart includes both a spring plunger, magnets and Velcro tabs for collision studies. The PAScars come in both red and blue, and are compatible with all PASCO Dynamics Tracks and accessories.

PASCO Dynamics Carts Share Two Important Features:

Low Friction: Ball bearing, knife-edge wheels mean student data more closely matches theory

Spring-Loaded Suspension: Wheels retract into the body, so they are protected from drops or “skateboarding.”


  • Magnets: Installed on one end for elastic collisions
  • Velcro Tabs: For inelastic collisions
  • Three-position Plunger: Provides reproducible impulses and explosions
  • Three Mounting Holes: For accessories
  • Polycarbonate Body: Total mass: 250 g
  • Mass Tray: Add mass to easily double o

Replacement Parts

Cart Replacement Axles (4 pack) ME-6957
Cart Mass (Set of 2) ME-6757A

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