Flexible I-Beam Set

Product Code: ME-6985


PASCO’s flexible I-Beam Set allows you to explore the concept of structural failure in dramatic fashion.  By replacing any I-beam in a structure with one of the flexible I-beams you can observe the effect of a load that causes deformation.  And while these I-beams are designed to demonstrate stress and failure they return to their original shape once the load is removed.

The flexible I-beams are available as part of the Advanced Structures Set (ME-6992A) or can be purchased separately to add functionality to any existing Structures Set.

What’s Included

  • 10x Flexible I-Beam #5, 24 cm long
  • 18x Flexible I-Beam #4, 17 cm long
  • 18x Flexible I-Beam #3, 11.5 cm long

Load Cell and Amplifier Set

Load Cell & Amplifier Set allows measurement of forces at any location in structures you build with any PASCO Structures System.