Motor Mount (Set of 2)

Product Code: ME-7020


Attach PASCO Stepper Motors or regular size servo motors to PASCO Structures using this motor mount.

The included spline shaft adapter fits onto the spline of the motor to create a shaft that fits through a hole in the motor mount. The motor attaches to the motor mount with four screws. The motor mount has the same connection features (pin and screw hole) as the Structures I-beams, so it can be attached to any Structures connector.

The Structures Gripper uses the Motor Mount to attach the gripper arms.


  • Mount motors to power wheels on a car built from PASCO Structures.
  • Mount a motor to power a winch on a structure.
  • Attach a servo motor to a Structures Gripper to grab objects with an arm built from PASCO Structures.

What’s Included

  • 2x Motor Mount plastic housing
  • 2x Spline shaft adapter
  • 8x 4-40 1/2-inch screws for attaching motors to Motor Mount

Product Specifications

Shaft hole diameter 6.5 mm
Four 4-40 threaded inserts to attach motor 10 mm separation on each end; 49 mm separation from end-to-end
Screws 4-40 1/2-inch long phillips

Support Documents

Motor Mount Instructions