Gear Set

Product Code: ME-7021


These three pairs of gears are driven by stepper motors or servo motors to make PASCO Structures move. These three pairs enable three different gear ratios (1:1, 2:1, 4:1) with the same shaft separation, making it easy to change gear ratios.

The gears are secured on the motor shaft or PASCO Structures axles using the included anti-backlash screws.

The 60T and 72T gears have the hole and threaded hole features that allow a Structures I-beam to be attached directly to the gear.


  • Raise and lower a drawbridge made from PASCO Structures.
  • Add motors to operate a crane made from PASCO Structures.
  • Steer the front wheel of a 3-wheel robotic car made from PASCO Structures.
  • Explore the affect of gear ratios on speed.
  • Explore the affect of gear ratios on torque.

What’s Included

  • 1x 18-tooth gear
  • 1x 30-tooth gear
  • 2x 45-tooth gear
  • 1x 60-tooth gear
  • 1x 72-tooth gear
  • 6x Anti-backlash screws
  • 12x Washers for exact spacing

Product Specifications

1:1 Gear ratio Two 45-tooth gears
2:1 Gear ratio 60-tooth and 30-tooth gears
4:1 Gear ratio 72-tooth and18-tooth gears
Center-to-center spacing of set of two gears 4.8 cm
Anti-backlash screws 8-32 3/4-inch
Gear shaft diameter 0.25 inch/6.4 mm