Structures Gripper

Product Code: ME-7025


Add this Gripper to PASCO Structures to grab objects. Attach a stepper motor or servo motor to the Gripper to drive the gear that opens and closes the gripper arms. The Gripper has the same pin and screw features that attach a Structures I-beam to a connector, making it easy to attach the Gripper to any existing PASCO Structure.


  • Gripper mounts to PASCO Structures using the same pin and screw features that are used to connect an I-beam
  • Elastic bands add gripping friction
  • The //control.Node can detect the increase in servo current so you can tell when the Gripper has closed on an object.

What’s Included

  • 2x Gripper arms
  • 1x Motor mount
  • 20x Elastic bands
  • 2x Spline shaft adapter
  • 2x Anti-backlash screws
  • 4x 4-40 screws to attach a motor
  • 4x Structures 6-32 screws to attach the gripper arms to the motor mount

Product Specifications

Gripper arm length 10 cm
Open angle zero to 180 degrees


Support Documents

Gripper Assembly Instructions