Product Code: ME-7027


This electromagnet can be attached to a winch on a Structures crane to pick up objects. The electromagnet is powered using a Power Output Module plugged into a //control.Node.

The electromagnet includes steel washers and stickers to attach to an object so the electromagnet can pick up a non-ferrous object such as a paper cup.

Vary the power to the electromagnet by changing the duty cycle of the applied 5 volts.

What’s Included

  • 1x Electromagnet with lead wires
  • 12x Steel fender washers
  • 30x Mylar stickers to attach washers to objects
  • 1x Roll (70 m) of yellow braided cord
  • 10x Small rubber o-rings for attaching wires to cord

Product Specifications

Power lead wires 1.75 m long
Maximum voltage and current 5 V; 0.7 A

Support Documents

Electromagnet Instructions