Meter Stick Torque Mass Hanger Set

Product Code: ME-7035


Replacement set of three mass hangers and one meter stick clamp for doing meter stick torque.

The meter stick clamp fits onto either a Pivot (ME-7034) or a Rotary Motion Sensor. It has two mounting points: One is centered on the center of the meter stick for rotation and pendulum experiments and the other is offset so the center of mass of the meter stick is below the pivot point for stability in meter stick torque experiments. There is a built-in bubble level to make it obvious when the meter stick is level.

The mass hangers have a mass of 10 grams each, which makes it easy to add to the hanging mass. The mass hangers have a degree scale so the angle of the applied force can be read. The mass hangers can be used in two ways:

  1. As a mass hanger in a meter stick torque experiment with the masses hanging from it
  2. Upside-down, as an anchor point for a suspension string at any angle in a statics experiment.

What’s Included

  • 1x Meter Stick Clamp
  • 3x Mass Hangers