Mass and Hanger Spares Kit

Product Code: ME-8980


The Mass and Hanger Spares Kit replaces or supplements the hangers and lighter masses found in the Mass and Hanger Set (ME-8979). The kit contains four hangers and 10 each of 2g, 1g, and 0.5g polycarbonate masses.


  • The smaller masses have a unique design for better visibilty
  • The hanger has a steel post for strong support
  • The hanger’s handle is notched making it easy to hang with thread.

What’s Included

  • 4x 5 g hangers
  • 10x 2 g mass
  • 10x 1 g mass
  • 10x 0.5 g mass
  • 1x To replace the heavier masses (greater than 2g) in the Mass and Hanger Kit see parts ME-8981 (5g mass set), ME-8982 (10g mass set), ME-8983 (20g mass set), ME-8984 (50g mass set), and ME-8985 (100g mass set)


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.