Free Fall Adapter

Product Code: ME-9207B


The Freefall Adapter enables accurate and repeatable measurements of the acceleration of gravitational acceleration ‘g’ on Earth. Timer automatically starts at ball release and stops when the ball hits the pad. This product includes the ball release mechanism, a receptor pad, connection cables, and four steel balls (two 19 mm and two 16 mm diameter). Mount to rod stand or other support structure.

The Freefall Adapter (ME-9207B) is an accessory for the:

  • Digital Photogate Timer System (ME-9403A)
  • Smart Timer (ME-8930)


  • Ball release mechanism
  • Receptor pad
  • 16 mm diameter steel balls (2)
  • 19 mm diameter steel balls (2)


  • Two each steel, 19 mm and 16 mm diameter
  • Stereo phone plug

Support Documents

Free Fall Adapter Manual ME-9207B