Collision Cart

Product Code: ME-9454


These are the standard carts in thousands of physics labs around the world. With an aluminum body, high-impact ABS plastic end caps, and a 500 g mass, they make dynamics experiments quick to set up and very quantitative. The Classic Carts are compatible with all PASCO Dynamics Tracks and accessories. This version is equipped with magnets for the study of elastic collisions.


  • Ball bearing, knife-edge wheels mean student data more closely matches theory.
  • Wheels retract into the body, so they are protected from drops or “skateboarding.”
  • The Extruded Aluminum Body gives the cart a total mass of 500 g
  • High-impact ABS Plastic End Pieces and rounded corners won’t be damaged if the cart hits the floor.
  • Magnets give potential for elastic collisions.
  • One 500 g mass included.
  • Add mass bars to double or triple the mass of the cart.
  • Two Mounting Holes for accessories

What’s Included

  • 1x Collision Cart
  • 2x 250 gram masses


Perform the following experiments and more with the Collision Cart.
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Supporting Documents

Collision Cart Instruction Manual