Photogate Head

Product Code: ME-9498A


The Photogate Head monitors the motion of objects passing through its gate, counting events as the object breaks the infrared beam.
Includes a swivel mount to attach to a photogate stand. It does not include the heavy base and standard rod of the Accessory Photogate (ME-9204B). Can be used with ScienceWorkshop interfaces or with PASPORT interfaces using Digital Adapter (PS-2159).


  • Conduct basic motion experiments
  • Measure acceleration of freefall
  • Measure pendulum periods

What’s Included

  • 1x Photogate Head with cable


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Product Specifications

Photogate Width 7.5 cm
Fall Time <50 ns
Spatial Resolution <1 mm
Timing Resolution 0.1 millisecond
Connector Stereo phone plug

Recommended Accessories

Photogate Stand ME-9805

Parts Available Separately

Phone Jack Extender Cable PI-8117

Experiment Library

Perform the following experiments and more with the Photogate Head.
Visit PASCO’s Experiment Library to view more activities.

Support Documents

Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the Photogate Head (ME-9498A)

Photogate Head Manual (ME-9498A)
(275 KB – .pdf – English)


Accessory Photogate

Featuring a Photogate Head with a narrow infrared beam and fast fall time that provide accurate signals for timing.

Photogate Brackets (2 Pack) — IDS

Designed to hold an Accessory Photogate (ME-9204B).

Photogate Pendulum Set

Set of four pendula (brass, plastic, wood, and aluminum) that are ideal for timing experiments with photogates.

Picket Fence

A rectangular piece of clear plastic with evenly spaced opaque bands.

Timer Switch

Designed to be used to signal the beginning of an event through two stereo phone plugs.

Photogate Mounting Bracket

This bracket mounts one or two Photogate Heads on any Projectile Launcher.


Acceleration Due to Gravity Video

See how to quickly determine the value of acceleration due to gravity by dropping a picket fence through a photogate and analyzing the slope of the Velocity vs. Time graph.

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