Metabolism Chamber (Local Stock)

Product Code: ME-6936-LS


The Metabolism Chamber is a 250 mL sample bottle that allows simultaneous measurements of carbon dioxide gas and oxygen gas. One of the most popular methods to explore cellular respiration in the biology lab is to measure the production of carbon dioxide by germinating seeds using a carbon dioxide sensor. The study of cellular respiration becomes richer whenstudents simultaneously obtain carbon dioxide gas data and oxygen gas data.

In the second photograph, the Metabolism Chamber is shown with the O2 Gas Sensor (PS-2126), CO2 Gas Sensor (PS-2110) and PASPORT Extension Cable (PS-2500).

Experiment Description

Place 25 germinating Alaska peas in the Metabolism Chamber at room temperature. Measure CO2 gas and O2 gas in the chamber with the Carbon Dioxide Gas sensor and the Oxygen Gas sensor. Collect data for about six hours. Analyze the data for oxygen gas consumption and carbon dioxide gas production by the germinating pea seeds.

O2 and CO2 Concentration (ppm) vs. Time (minutes)


Chamber Volume
  • 250 mL
Chamber Material
  • Nalgene© sampling bottle
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Product Manuals for the Metabolism Chamber (ME-6936)

Metabolism Chamber Manual (ME-6936)
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