Sample Holder, Geiger Counter

Product Code: NU-3344


The Geiger Counter Sample Holder provides easy mounting and superior position control for the PS-3238 Wireless Geiger Counter, improving the accuracy of inverse square law labs, radiation shielding labs, and other radiation labs. The plastic snout on the front of the Wireless Geiger Counter is designed to fit conveniently inside the Sample Holder Stand, which stabilizes the front of the counter’s detector tube exactly 1 cm from the first slot in the holder.

The Sample Holder stand includes a radioactive sample holder tray and five pieces of 7 x 7 cm aluminum shielding material. The stand has eight slots designed to hold the included radioactive sample holder tray or shielding material. Each slot in the holder is spaced 1 cm apart to make changing the spacing between the Wireless Geiger Counter, radioactive sample, or shielding materials quick and easy.


  • Includes one Radioactive Sample Holder and five pieces of Aluminum Shielding (7 x 7 cm)
  • Eight slots for holding radioactive samples or shielding materials, spaced 1 cm apart
  • Holds the PASCO Wireless Geiger Counter exactly 1 cm from the first sample slot

What’s Included

  • 1x Stand with 8 Sample Slots
  • 1x Radioactive Sample Tray
  • 5x Aluminum Shielding Material (7 x 7 cm)