Wireless Diffraction System

Product Code: OS-8440


If you already have a PASCO Optics Track, or a PASCO Dynamics Track, the Wireless Diffraction System contains all the equipment you need to perform labs and lecture demonstrations on Interference and Diffraction. This complete system includes the PASCO Diffraction Scanner and combines a position sensor with a light sensor for scanning diffraction patterns. An included aperture setting allows for the adjustment of width-measurement resolution (and light attenuation). A hand crank allows for smooth scanning of diffraction patterns. Because of the wireless design, smooth scans are achieved effortlessly!

This system enables students to scan many diffraction and interference patterns during one lab period. They can study the differences caused by changing the slit width, slit separation, and number of slits. And, by comparing patterns created by a Red Diode Laser to those of a Green Diode Laser, they can study the difference caused by a change in wavelength.

Easily Create Textbook Diffraction Patterns!

A sensor-based diffraction system allows you or your students to create the same types of diffraction patterns that are presented in student physics textbooks. Older methods typically rely on projecting diffraction patterns on to a wall and measuring the distances between peaks. The human eye can only perceive the diffraction pattern maximums, but a light sensor can measure everything in between! This allows you to create diffraction pattern graphs just like the textbook!

Easy-Laser Alignment

The laser beam can be aimed through the diffraction slits using two adjustment screws. Once the beam is aligned, either the laser or the slits can be removed from the optics bench and returned to the bench without re-aligning the beam.

Change Slits in the dark without re-aligning everything.

The slit wheels eliminate the frustration of trying to change the slits in a darkened room. Simply rotate to the next positive click to lock a different slit into position. The alignment of the disk only has to be done once.

Easy Setup and Control

The all-in-one design of the Wireless Diffraction Scanner makes setup simple and fast! Quickly adjust light level with the included aperture dial to achieve perfect diffraction pattern scans.


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