Color Mixer Accessory Kit


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The Color Mixer Accessory Kit has 18 cards (64 mm x 89 mm) and a manual with 9 associated lab activities. Each of the 7 filter cards has its transmission spectrum printed on the card.  Each of the 11 color cards is printed with a different color and its associated relative reflectance spectrum. Printed colors are defined by the Pantone color matching system.   This accessory kit is best used with the PASCO Color Mixer (OS-8496).

The Color Mixer Accessory Kit (OS-8495) is an accessory for the:

Shown in use with the PASCO Color Mixer

What’s Included

  • 7 x Filter cards
  • 11 x Printed Color cards
  • 1 x Manual

Support Documents

Color Mixer Accessory Kit Manual English 347.28 KB

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