PASCO Grow Light

Product Code: PS-3347


The PASCO Grow Light connects via USB to help keep classroom terrariums green and growing. Plug the Grow Light into a standard USB port to provide plants with consistent lighting, or connect it to a //control.Node to take full control. When powered by the //control.Node, the PASCO Grow Light becomes fully programmable, enabling students to control the light’s intensity, color, and schedule.


  • Nurture live tank plants with consistent lighting.
  • Program a light schedule to keep plants growing over weekends and breaks.
  • Control, test, and analyze the effects of different light settings on plant survival (e.g., color/wavelength, duration, intensity)


  • Simulate sunlight growing conditions in classrooms
  • Explore function of red and blue light in plant growth

Perform These Experiments

  • Extend growing conditions over weekends and vacation days for live tanks

What’s Included

  • 4x Red (660 nm) and blue (445nm) LED lights
  • 1x 5V, 2A USB power source
  • 1x 1m micro-usb charging cable
  • 1x 2m USB extension cable