Digital Function Generator/Amplifier

Product Code: PI-8127


The Function Generator outputs sine, square, triangle, positive and negative ramps with a frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 150 kHz in addition to DC.  (A replacement for the PI-9587C)

Its powerful output, 1 Amp at ±10 Volts, makes it useful for driving speakers, string vibrators, and circuits.


  • LCD Readout: The LCD displays frequency, voltage, current, waveform, and menus. For viewing demonstrations, there is a Large Digits Mode for increased readability of the frequency. The backlight has both low and high levels, which are selectable in the menu. The low backlight is useful for dark rooms.
  • Frequency/Range Selection: There are two ranges, 0.001 to 100 Hzand 0.001 to 100 kHz, selected using the range push-button switch ( integrated with frequency knob ).
  • Output Standby: Pushing the standby button disables the output without changing settings.
  • Output Current/Voltage Maximum: The maximum current or maximum voltage can be set using the menu. This is useful when the instructor needs to limit the voltage applied in a light bulb.
  • Offset Voltage: Any waveform may be offset with a DC voltage ranging from -10 V to +10 V, provided the peak voltage does not exceed 10 V.
  • Frequency Sweep: Sweep between any two frequencies at a selectable rate.

Available Waveforms

  • Sine
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Positive Ramp
  • Negative Ramp
  • DC

Product Specifications

Input Power Source 15 V @ 1.6 amp AC/DC Adapter
Voltage Output ± 10 V @ 1 A, 5 mV Adjustment Resolution
Frequency Range DC to 150 kHz with two ranges:  0.001 to 999.999 Hz and 0.001 to 100.000 kHz (150 kHz for Sine Wave)
Frequency Resolution 0.001 Hz for the 0.001 to 100 Hz range; 1 Hz for the 0.001 kHz to 100 kHz range.
Maximum Current/Voltage Programmable
Offset Voltage ± 10 V , 5 mV Resolution
Waveforms Sine, Triangle, Square, Positive Ramp, Negative Ramp, DC
External Voltage Input Use the function generator to amplify an external source (± 10 V maximum)
Trigger Output TTL Compatible; BNC jack on back of unit
Display LCD Graphics Monochrome Display, 128 x 64, with Two-Level Backlight
Displays Frequency, Waveform, Voltage, Current, Root mean Square (RMS) Current, Offset, Voltage, Maximum Current/Voltage
(Not all simultaneously)
Special Display Mode Large digits for frequency
Amplitude Modulation Modulate the signal of one function generator using another
Frequency Sweep Generate a signal to sweep through start/end frequency, select sweep time, and auto-repeat the sweep
Programmable Current Limit Set the maximum current to limit the current output
USB Connection for software updates Download latest software from and install through the USB connection

Support Documents