Field Mapper Kit

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With this kit students can map both the potentials and the electric fields around any conceivable system of two-dimensional charged conductors.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Draw Any Electrode — Draw the electrode with the special, conductive silver ink pen. It is easy to use, it dries quickly and there is no mess.
  2. Plot the Equipotentials — Connect a battery or power supply across the electrodes, then use a voltmeter to locate the equipotential lines.
  3. Plot the Electric Field — Tape voltmeter probes together, then hold one probe on the paper and rotate the other probe around it like a compass. The maximum voltage reading indicates the direction of the electric field.

Special Conductive Ink Pen

The PASCO Conductive Silver Ink Pen makes it easy to study field patterns. Draw
over 60 meters of patterns with a single pen. Pen shelf life is six months and is under warranty for 6 months past the shipment date. Not

Typical Experiments

    1. Dipoles of Like Charges
    2. Dipoles of Opposite Charges
    3. Parallel Plate Capacitor
    4. Point Source and Guard Ring (cylidrical capacitor)
    5. Floating Electrode

Plus five more experiments.


  • Conductive paper with cm grid; 23 x 30 cm (50 sheets)
  • 10 pushpins; 3 wires
  • Conductive ink pen and circular template
  • Plastic tray with corkboard top; 32 x 48 cm
  • Instruction manual with 10 experiments



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