Motion Sensor – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2103A


The PASPORT Motion Sensor is used to measure the position, velocity, and acceleration of a target. The Motion Sensor can be set on a desktop, mounted to a rod stand, or attached to a PASCO Dynamics Track. The ultrasonic, pulse-ranging technology has a switch-selectable Standard Beam or Narrow Beam that rejects false signals for cleaner data collection.


  • Measures position, velocity, and acceleration
  • False Target Rejection Technology collects clean data
  • Switch-selectable short-range and long-range settings
  • Snaps onto PASCO dynamics tracks
  • Mounts to rods for easy positioning
  • 360° pivoting head


  • Discover the relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Measure the motion of large objects, including students
  • Monitor the sinusoidal motion of a mass on a spring
  • Study conservation of energy and momentum during collisions

How It Works

An electrostatic transducer in the face of the Motion Sensor transmits a burst of 16 ultrasonic pulses with a frequency of about 49 kHz. The ultrasonic pulses reflect off the target and return to the face of the sensor. The target indicator flashes when the transducer detects an echo. The sensor measures the time between the trigger and echo rising edges, then, it uses this time and the speed of sound to calculate the object’s distance. To determine velocity, it uses consecutive position measurements to calculate the rate of change. It similarly determines acceleration by using consecutive velocity measurements.

Experiment Library

Perform the following experiments and more with the PASPORT Motion Sensor.
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Product Specifications

Minimum Range 0.15 meters
Maximum Range 8 meters
Resolution 1 mm
Maximum Sampling Rate 250 Hz
Transducer Rotation 360°
Narrow Near/Far Switch Settings For distances up to 2 meters to reject false target signals or ignore air track noise.
Standard Near/Far Switch Settings For longer distances up to 8 meters.
Cable Length 1.8 meter
Mounting Options Non-skid rubber feet for table mount

Recommended Accessories

Motion Sensor Guard SE-7256
Motion Sensor Bracket PS-2546
Cart Adapter Accessory ME-6743
Elastic Bumper ME-8998