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Product Code: PS-2134


From the very cold (liquid nitrogen) to the very hot (flame), our Type K Temperature Sensor has a wide enough range (–200 to 1000 °C) to measure it all. The rugged sensing element is a standard Type K Thermocouple with high-temperature insulation. The low thermal mass of the sensor means a fast response time. The long probe length makes measurements in hard-to-reach places easier.


  • Works with any industry-standard Type K thermocouple.


  • Measure temperatures down to -200°C
  • Measure temperatures in hard-to-reach places
  • Use in high-temperature applications where the narrow tip of the probe can be applied without burning the insulation cover (such as a candle flame)


Temperature Range -200°C to +1000°C
Maximum Sample Rate 10 Hz
Accuracy ±3ºC or 3%, whichever is greater

Product Guide

Select The Right Temperature Sensor

Select The Right Temperature Sensor

Our highly affordable temperature sensors provide unparalleled convenience during any experiment by eliminating the need for manually recorded temperature data. This page contains a comparison chart for PASCO temperature sensors to help you discover what’s possible when you use a modern thermometer.

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PASPORT Temperature Type K Sensor Manual

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