Infrared Light Sensor – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2148


The Infrared Light Sensor is sensitive in the infrared portion (up to 40,000 nm) of the spectrum, but can also detect visible spectrum. It can detect the radiation from a person’s hand. The response is linear over its entire frequency range.


  • Measure intensity in Watts/Meter2 (W/m2).
  • Built-in thermistor to measure temperatures of the “cold” side of the thermopile in °C, °F or K.


  • Measure black body radiance
  • Perform Leslie’s Cube experiments
  • Measure solar radiance
  • Evaluate heat flow into or out of the sensor
  • Simulate a non-contact temperature sensor

What’s Included

  • 1x Shutter with thumbscrew and washer


Measure intensity in Watts/Meter
Maximum Sample Rate 100 Hz
Spectral Response 580 to 40,000 nm
Built-in Thermistor to measure temperature of the “cold” side of the thermopile in °C, °F or K

Product Guides

Select The Right Light Sensor

Select The Right Light Sensor

PASCO light sensors provide students with an accessible method for visualizing real-time light data in a variety of forms. Whether you’re looking to study ambient light, diffractions, or atomic spectra, this page will help you find an affordable light sensor for your applications.

Supporting Documents

PASPORT Infrared Light Sensor Manual