Thermocline Sensor -PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2151


At last, students can measure temperature as a function of depth in local streams and lakes. PASCO’s Thermocline measures depth automatically — no need to read markings on a cable and enter data manually. Weighted housing provides depth measurement stability in fast-flowing streams.


  • Study thermoclines in fresh and saltwater environments
  • Create depth profiles for streams, small rivers, shorelines, and swimming pools
  • Study ocean tides

Product Specifications

Depth-sensing Element Range 0 m to 10.5 m
Depth-sensing Element Accuracy 0.15 m (in freshwater after barometric pressure compensation)
Depth-sensing Element Resolution 0.03 m
Temperature-sensing Element Range 0°C to 100°C
Temperature-sensing Element Accuracy ±1.5°C
Temperature-sensing Element Maximum Sample Rate 10 Hz

Supporting Documents

PASPORT Thermocline Sensor Manual