Force Sensor (High Resolution) – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2189


The PASPORT High Resolution Force Sensor offers a higher resolution than the PS-2104. It features a variable over-sampling rate that reduces measurement noise at lower sampling rates. The digital design minimizes drift, ensuring that the tare holds for hours. You can use this force sensor as a pan balance for long-term experiments, such as investigating the evaporation of liquids, like alcohol or liquid nitrogen, and the sublimation of dry ice.


  • 0.002 N resolution
  • Dynamic over-sampling
  • Force overload protection up to 75 N
  • Includes a receiver and thumbscrew for mounting
  • Mounts to PASCO dynamics carts


  • Buoyant force
  • Force exerted by an oscillating mass
  • Force during elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Centripetal force acting on a rotating object
  • Force of a swinging pendulum
  • Newton’s Third Law, action and reaction forces
  • Forces associated with static equilibrium

Experiment Library

Perform the following experiments and more with the PASPORT High Resolution Force Sensor.
Visit PASCO’s Experiment Library to view more activities.

What’s Included

  • 1x Bumper Attachment
  • 1x Hook Attachment
  • 1x Bracket Thumbscrew
  • 1x Rod Clamp Thumbscrew

Product Specifications

Range ±50 N
Measurement Resolution 0.002 N
Zero (Tare) Function Push-button
Max Sample Rate 1000 Hz; 5000 Hz for the 550 and 850 interfaces
Force Overload Protection Up to 75 N

Replacement Parts

Force Sensor Spares Kit CI-6463

Support Documents