Current (10 A) Sensor – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2193


The PASPORT High Current Sensor has a low (0.01 Ω) resistance sensing element, can measure up to 10 A, and has an LED over-current indicator. Dynamic variable over-sampling greatly reduces the measurement noise at low sample rates.


  • 10 Amp
  • Over-Current LED

Product Specifications

Current Range ±10 A, resolution of 0.5 mA
Sensing Element Series Resistance 0.01 Ω
Maximum Common-Mode Voltage 10 V
Maximum Continuous Current Without Damage 12 A
Maximum Continuous Overvoltage Without Damage ±40 V
Maximum Sample Rate 1000 samples/second

Product Guides

Select The Right Voltage & Current Sensor

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Supporting Documents

PASPORT High Current Sensor Manual

Measurable Current Range
  • ±10 A
Measurement Resolution
  • 16 bits (approx. 300µA)
Maximum circuit Voltage
  • 10 V above or below earth ground
Measurement Accuracy
  • 0.5 % or 2.5 mA, whichever is greater
Sensing Element series resistance
  • 0.01 Ohm
Maximum Sample Rate
  • 1000 Hz
Maximum Continuous Current without Damage
  • 12 A
Maximum Continuous Circuit Overvoltage without Damage
  • 40 V above or below earth ground
  • 4 mm banana jacks
Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the PASPORT High Current Sensor (PS-2193)


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