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Product Code: PS-2197


The Non-Contact Temperature Sensor measures surface temperature by detecting the emitted infrared light. Record the temperature of objects without touching them!

Educational Use Only

This is not a medical device. PASCO products are designed for educational use only and should not be used in any apparatus involved with life support, medical testing, patient diagnosis, or industrial control/testing systems.


  • Compare the temperature of hands, skin, face, and clothes
  • Measure the temperature of different outdoor ground surfaces
  • Map the temperature profile of an exterior wall

The student measures the ground temperature (late morning) over four distinct surfaces: Starting in the shade under the distant tree, she then crosses bare dirt (in sun), a rock border, pavement, and lawn.

Product Specifications

Range -70°C to 380°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Response Time Less than 0.1 s
Maximum Sample Rate 200 Hz
Field of View ±35°

Product Guide

Select The Right Temperature Sensor

Select The Right Temperature Sensor

Our highly affordable temperature sensors provide unparalleled convenience during any experiment by eliminating the need for manually recorded temperature data. This page contains a comparison chart for PASCO temperature sensors to help you discover what’s possible when you use a modern thermometer.

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