Physiology Expansion Sensor Bundle

Product Code: PS-2935D


The Physiology Extension Bundle has been updated to contain only wireless sensors and enables students to study the heart cycle, lung function, human respiration, stimulus and response, homeostasis, and more! This bundle includes an EKG Sensor, Spirometer, Spirometer Mouthpiece and prefilter, Wireless Blood Pressure Sensor with Standard Cuff, and Wireless Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor.


  • Compare EKG graphs before and after mild exercise
  • Conduct respiratory experiments
  • Determine total lung capacity
  • Determine energy burned
  • Explore the effects of body position on blood pressure and heart rate
  • Generate personal EKG graphs
  • Relate heart rhythm to personal health indicators
  • Generate real-time graphs that depict heart rate and blood pressure
  • Investigate the lung volume of athletes vs. non-athletes
  • Measure and compare heart rates during activities

What’s Included

  • 1x Wireless Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor (PS-3206)
  • 1x Wireless Blood Pressure Sensor with Standard Cuff (PS-3218)
  • 1x Wireless EKG Sensor (PS-3236)
  • 1x Wireless Spirometer (PS-3234)
  • 1x Spirometer Mouthpiece Replacements (10) (PS-2522)
  • 1x Spirometer Mouthpiece Pre-filters (PS-3244)