STEM Module – Egg Drop

Product Code: PS-2989


This module gives students a problem-based engineering project to design and build an apparatus protecting a raw egg from cracking when dropped from 6 meters. This version is the Teacher License (one license for all your classes) and includes a spiral-bound teacher manual.

How It Works

This challenge is supported by 5 sensor-based math and physical science lab activities, where students gain knowledge of the fundamental math and physical science topics involved:

  • Reading Graphs
  • Acceleration and Gravity
  • Force
  • Air Drag
  • Impact Force

Through these activities, students explore objects in free fall and learn to calculate the theoretical final velocity of their egg drop apparatus at impact. Using their theoretical final velocity and Newton’s Second Law, they determine the force the egg will experience when it hits the ground (the force they need to reduce!). The remaining activities give students the background to minimize the forces of impact. Combining this knowledge, students build their apparatus based not only on intuition, but on real empirical results and informed science-based ideas.