Wireless Voltage Sensor

Product Code: PS-3211A


The Wireless Voltage Sensor is ideal for exploring the fundamental concepts of electricity, voltage, and basic circuits.  It measures voltages up to ±15 V with built-in overload protection and features high-speed sampling rates when used with a USB. When combined with the Wireless Current Sensor, students can use it to explore Ohm’s Law, circuits in series and parallel, and much more.

In Chemistry, the sensor helps students investigate redox reactions, electrolytic cells potentials, and impact of strength of solution on these generated potentials.  By testing potential differences between two half reactions, separated by a salt bridge, students can begin to understand the driving forces behind modern batteries.


  • Two Ranges: ±15 V, ±5 V
  • Resolution: 7 mV (±15 V range); 2 mV (±5 V range)
  • Bluetooth® sampling rate of 1 kHz
  • Higher speed sampling via USB


  • Measure the electrical energy generated by an electrochemical battery
  • Measure the energy generated by a wind turbine or other renewable energy source
  • Measure the voltage across components in a simple circuit
  • Measure the induced voltage in a wire coil as a magnet passes through

Perform These Experiments

  • Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law
  • Ohm’s Law
  • RC and LRC circuit analysis
  • Faraday’s Law of Induction


Perform the following experiments and more with the Wireless Voltage Sensor.
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  • 1x Wireless Voltage Sensor
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Red, Banana-to-alligator-clip
  • 1x Black, Banana-to-alligator-clip

Product Specifications

Low Setting Range ±5 V
High Setting Range ±15 V
Resolution 2 mV (±5 V range); 7 mV (±15 V range)
Accuracy ±1.0%
Maximum Sampling Rate (Bluetooth) 1000 Hz
Maximum Sampling Rate (USB) 100 kHz
Input Resistance >1.0 MΩ

Battery & Logging

Stored Data Points Memory (Logging) 1 >55,000
Battery – Connected (Data Collection Mode) 2 >70 hr
Battery – Logging (Data Logging Mode) 3 3 days
Battery Type LiPo

1 Minimum # of data points with all measurements enabled, actual results depend on enabled measurements.

2 Continuous use in a connected state until battery failure, actual results will depend on sample rate, active measurements, and battery condition.

3 Logging until battery failure, actual results will depend on sample rate, active measurements, and battery condition.

* Normal classroom use is the sensor in active use for 20min/lab for 120 lab periods/yr.

Required Accessories

1x USB Bluetooth Adapter PS-3500

Recommended Accessories

Electrode Support PS-3505

Replacement Parts

Shrouded Alligator Test Leads PS-3544
Micro USB Cable PS-3584

Also Available

Wireless Sensor Charging Station PS-3599
Storage Tray for Wireless Voltage & Current Sensor PS-3588
Single Port USB Wall Charger PS-2575A

Support Documents

Product Guide

Select The Right Voltage & Current Sensor

Select The Right Voltage & Current Sensor

Educational voltage and current sensors don’t have to look serious to have seriously powerful capabilities. We provide user-friendly voltage and current sensors that generate live data to improve students’ contextual understanding of electrical concepts. This page provides a comparison chart of our offerings to help you make an informed purchase.