Wireless Force Platform 1D

Product Code: PS-3229


The Wireless Force Platform builds on the success of our PASport Force Platform, offering users the same reliable performance with enhanced durability and a convenient, wireless connection.

The new design features a sturdy, glass-filled nylon platform and four supporting force beams that measure the forces acting normal to the platform’s surface. Along the bottom of the platform are four adjustable feet that make leveling quick and easy, while also ensuring stability between the force beams and the surface below. Students can measure the force applied to each beam independently or the overall resultant force acting on the surface of the platform (up to ±5,200 N). With its new wireless design, the Wireless Force Platform is easier to use than ever, providing both spacial flexibility and custom sample rates for high speed sampling over Bluetooth Low Energy (up to 10 kHz).

The Wireless Force Platform can be used to measure the static weight of a structure or person, the dynamic vertical forces created when moving or jumping, or the forces associated with the impact of falling objects. Simply place the platform on a floor or tabletop to measure vertical force, or mount it to a wall to measure horizontal force.


  • Improved design with an increased maximum force range (±5,200 N)
  • Wide surface for jumping, standing, and walking
  • Mechanical force over-limit protection
  • Burst sampling option for high-speed wireless data collection
  • Built-in handle for easy transport


  • Measure impulse and maximum force
  • Determine hang time by jumping from and landing on the platform
  • Measure the normal (vertical) force acting on a person riding an elevator
  • Use two Force Platforms to investigate Newton’s Third Law
  • Use a Motion Sensor and a ball to compare the impulse and change in momentum as the ball collides with the platform

What’s Included

  • 1x Wireless Force Platform
  • 1x USB Charging Cable