Wireless EKG Sensor

Product Code: PS-3236


The Wireless EKG Sensor measures electrical signals produced by contractions of the heart or muscles, and reports them in real-time on virtually any student device. The perfect sensor for fast-paced physiology courses, the EKG Sensor provides students with real-time feedback as they explore the effects of various stimuli on cardiac or muscular activity.

Heart Rate data is reported in beats per minute (BPM), while the voltage (mV) detected from cardiac contractions is intuitively displayed in an EKG trace. The sensor can also be used to study nerve impulses that affect muscles other than the heart, enabling students to study a wider range of physiological phenomena, including reflexes, muscle fatigue and more.


  • Standard three-electrode design
  • Real-time EKG trace with heart rate (bpm) and voltage (mV)
  • Low-cost, disposable stick-on electrodes
  • Wirelessly connects to student devices for student-led investigations and group comparisons
  • Onboard memory allows data to be collected, stored, and downloaded at a later time.


  • Investigate the effects of relaxation and exercise on heart rate
  • Study the dive response and stimulus response reflexes
  • Compare EKG traces between students at rest and students with their hands in ice water
  • Perform in-depth reflex studies with the Wireless Force and Acceleration Sensor

Product Specifications

  • Voltage Range: 0 to 4.5 mV
  • Voltage Resolution: 5 uV
  • Default Sample Rate: 250 Hz
  • Maximum Sample Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Heart Rate Range: 40 to 250 bpm
  • Heart Rate Resolution: 1 bpm