Mouth Piece & Pre-Filter Spirometer

Product Code: PS-3245


Includes three mouthpieces and pre-filters for use with the Wireless Spirometer. These accessories meet the clinical standard for prevention of cross infection and include specially pleated pre-filters designed to prevent bacterial, microbial, and viral contamination during pulmonary function testing. Spirometer mouthpieces and pre-filters are intended for use by a single student.

These replacements are also available in convenient packs of ten: Mouthpieces (PS-2252) or Pre-filters (PS-3244).

Intended use Mouth piece and filter designed for single student use
Number in order 3 sets
Prefilter Purpose Prevents cross contamination, keeps screen calibrated
Prefilter material Low flow resistance microbial filter
Cross contamination efficiency 99.999%, (1 in 10 million)
Prefilter meets ATS standards for air resistance 0.845 mbar/L/Sec at 14/L/Sec
Exceeds all ATS/ERS standards for spirometry