Photosynthesis Chamber

Product Code: PS-3251


PASCO’s Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (PS-3246) allows students to monitor most common photosynthesis experiments. Typical experiments require students to infer photosynthetic rate changes by using chloroplasts and dye. Help your students better understand photosynthesis via direct measure of oxygen while controlling light, temperature or nutrients. Ideal for exploring aquatic plants, algal beads, and even the consumption of oxygen by respiration.

The lid features three convenient ports for sensors; stoppers are included to maintain a closed system.   The ports will accommodate Wireless Temperature Sensor (PS-3201), Wireless Conductivity (PS-3210A), Wireless pH Sensor (PS-3204) or other ion selective electrodes for additional measurements. A clear inner chamber allows full sunlight exposure, or set into an outer cover chamber to block out light. Nine separate LED lights (white, red, green or blue) allow students to test these variables and others such as plant nutrient uptake and elimination.


What’s Included

  • 1x Opaque outer chamber and lid
  • 1x Clear, dual compartment inner chamber for water bath and sample containment
  • 3x Stoppers for sensor holes
  • 1x Magnetic stir bar
  • 1x Magnetic stir cross
  • 1x Four color light source (white, blue, green, red). 9 LED’s each


Product Specifications

Outer chamber dimensions 8 x 11 x 5.5 cm
Inner Chamber Volume 70 ml
Outer Chamber Volume 200 ml
Light colors Red, Green, Blue, and White
Light plate area 50 x 50 mm
Number of LEDs 9 for each color
Measurement Ports 4: 21.9 mm adaptable to 12.3 mm, 19.5 mm id, 12.3 mm, 4,4 mm
Light power adapter 12.0 v 1.0 A
Battery No
  • No

Support Documents

Photosynthesis Chamber Manual