PASCObot Range Finder Module

Product Code: PS-3321


This module uses Lidar to measure the distance between the PASCObot and objects in front of it. Using clever programming, students can program the PASCObot to approach (or avoid) these objects, and much more!

The shape of the module is specific to the PASCObot, allowing the module to fit neatly inside the front of the bot, exposing the lidar transceiver through a small hole in the front of the PASCObot. With the included cable, students connect the module to the //control.Node allowing them the conduct sense and control experiments with the bot, of their own creation!

NOTE: The PASCObot Range Finder Module cannot be used simultaneously with the PASCObot Line Follower Module since both occupy the same slot in the PASCObot.

How It Works

The Lidar sensor on the front of this circuitboard uses light reflectivity to measure the distance between itself and objects in front of it. The user then can program the PASCObot to avoid hitting objects or even hit them if they desire. The Range Finder is particularly useful in the PASCObot with a Gripper Accessory. The Range Finder can find the distance to the objects that the PASCObot is going to pick up. Code can be run directly from SPARKvue or Capstone software, or uploaded to the //control.Node so guiding decisions can be made onboard the PASCObot, avoiding the communication delays over Bluetooth. However, even though the PASCObot is running autonomously, it is still possible to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the PASCObot to monitor data from the onboard sensors in real-time.

This circuit board mechanically fits into the PASCObot. The circuit board connects to the Control Node’s Digital Sensor Port using the included cable.

What’s Included

  • 1x PASCObot Range Finder Module
  • 1x Cable to connect the module to //control.Node
  • 2x 4-40 x 7/16″ screw for mounting the module to the PASCObot body